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November 28, 2012

Madden 13 Money Plays – The Best Passing Routes

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Written by: Zboy365_admin
madden 13 money plays

Madden 13 Money Plays – The Best Passing Routes

Send in your Tips to @MaddenMoments on twitter, i will share them if they are true or false! Check out this tweet from a follower on his true or false question:

Gary F ‏@GFarri1
“@MaddenMoments T/F: Hitting a WR/TE on the first move of a double move is the best way to beat man this year”

YES! True 2 chainzzzzzzzzzz

Here are 4 concepts that will torch man coverage and 2 of them are devasting double move routes. The effect is two-fold: 1. They devastate a lot of different coverages 2. It forces your opponent to either manually cover them or play a max cover style of defense, which opens up your playbook for runs, draws, and other routes.

[youtube id="niqnEGJ_wSc" width="600" height="350"]

Dino Routes, Poco Routes, Comback Routes, Streak Drag combo

dino routeDino routes are corner post routes, the WR cuts like he is running a corner route and runs a post. We smart route the Dino and throw it on his 1st cut/move, it heavily exploits man coverage and only cover 2 slows it down. This was the sole reason for my domination on NCAA 13 online.

Poco routes are post corner routes, the WR cuts quick inside and then cuts back to the corner. We throw it as soon as he cuts inside to turn it into a short post route.


Comeback routes are like out routes but ran 5 yards deeper, wait for the WR icon to light up and pass lead outside for a catch. Awesome for 1st down threat of deep pass and for 3rd and long.

Streak Drag combos are very annoying for aggressive zone and blitzing defenses. The drag gets a consistent 3-6 yards vs zone and blitz and can turn into a touchdown. The streaks threaten the seams and tests the defenses integrity. Streak drag combos, when ran effectively, can dictate the pace and style of coverage all game.


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