Madden 25 Money Play – Split Close Corner


Madden 25 Money Play – Split Close Corner



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This Madden 25 Money play is in the Split Close Shotgun formation. This formation and play can be found in the Texans playbook. It may also be in other playbooks!

Split Close - Close Corner:
all setups are optional!

1. Place Both RB and TE on Wheel routes
2. Place only the RB on a Wheel Route
3. Or you can block both the RB and TE for maximum time to pass against a big blitz.
4. Place the slot WR on a drag (safest option) or leave him be.

The Corner routes are a big problem as they flat out beat every zone and coverage except cover 2 sink. You can also throw around Cover 2 sink if you recognize it at the snap.

What you are looking for is to see if they have flat zones or buzz purple zones. If you see a purple zone they leave the RB and TE wheels uncovered for a free 5-10 yard completion everytime. Only flat zones pick up the wheel. The Corners get open behind flats and even purple zones.

What is great about this is that the wheel routes can beat man coverage with a pass lead outside. The man just gives the wheels too much space to complete. This makes playing max coverage and blitzing them hard.

You can't zone blitz, the wheels are open.
You can't run man, the corners are open
You can't run man with purple zones the wheels and corner are open
You can't run man with flat zones, the corner routes are open
You can't run both a flat and purple zone the corner gets open
You can't blitz it because you can block it with both backs or hit the wheels
The drag is always open against zone unless you come down to stop it

It is the ultimate cluster F***!

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