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January 17, 2013

Madden 13 Secret – Zboy365 Double Down Defense Glitch

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Written by: Zboy365_admin

Madden 13 Secret – Zboy365 Double Down Defense Glitch

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Zboy365 here with a Madden 13 Secret! I bring you my Double Down Defense glitch…sorta…

Ok so its not really a “glitch” but I wanted to get you to watch and you are! The double down defense is something I am either not sure anyone knows about or is just a super secret of elite players. If you spend time on Madden like I do, you notice so many intricacies its scary. This defense puts players in their own individual and rare and hard to cover areas on the field!

[youtube id="gACW7qyHMEc" width="600" height="350"]

How it Works

1. Call ANY defense you like
2. Place ANY position players you want on D into hook yellow zones (down on the d pad then up on the d pad will put the selected D player in a yellow zone).
3.Once set, base align your defense twice IN A RAPID FASHION. (up on the D Pad, then right on the D pad). This is called “base aligning” in Madden 13. Do it twice in a row in rapid succession.
4. Look at your play art, your defenders are now playing outside yellow zones.

The Good

This defense is GREAT for guys who love to attack your outside a lot with out routes and curl routes. Also what is cool is the defenders in the double down defense all play their own special area on the field. No more two guys playing the same spot!


This defense is horrid against people who pass over the middle. It isolates the lone yellow defender in the middle and when people attack the middle your defenders will be late to react.

About the Author

Zboy365_admin is the #1 FREE Madden 13 Tips, Tricks, Schemes, Community. Check out our youtube channel MaddenMoments is run me, Humberto Zayas, aka Zboy365. I decided to leave school and open my own chain of online businesses which are growing everyday. I love sound design, graphic design and video games and decided to devote my life to these things. I have been happy every since!



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