Madden 13 Run Defense – Tips and Tricks

run defense

Madden 13 Run Defense – Tips and Tricks

Okay guys, I am bringing you some of my Madden 13 Run Defense tips here. I too was having trouble with run defense this year but I am using these tricks to get through the line and help stop the run.

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Keys to Success:
- Choose Nickel Normal 2 Man Under vs Run Sets, the alignment of this defense causes blocking gaps to be wider and allow you to take your LBs and come through the line on many run plays
- Try not to blitz vs the run, if your blitz misses or doesn't get through, there will be no safeties to help stop the runner
- Stick to 2 man under defense vs the run so if you miss or mess up with your LB your safeties do their job and stop a TD.
- If you don't like this D, try the 43 technique, pinch your D line, spread your LBs and bring your safeties down (Optional)

I have had a lot of success with the nickel 2 man under vs the run and the advantage is there is another cover guy on the field to handle tricky tight end routes that LBs cant handle. I use the 43 technique for goaline situations.

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    Try your scheme today work just like you said thanks again

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