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January 13, 2013

Madden 13 Money Play – Skins Drive Madden 13 – Art of War Ep 2

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Written by: Zboy365_admin

Madden 13 Money Play – Skins Drive Madden 13 – Art of War Ep 2

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Zboy365 here with a madden 13 money play. A man and zone beater from the Washington Redskins Playbook – Skins Drive from the Singleback Ace. We utilize the Drag Streak Combo concept I showed you guys in the last video. This play can be substituted for the Flanker Drive since the Skins Drive is not in every playbook but the flanker drive usually is.

[youtube id="W3qksTOYWyI" width="600" height="350"]

Drag Streak Combo Concept here:

Why It Works:

The Skins Drive utilizes the Drag Streak Combo to clear space versus zone with 2 receivers and has the other 2 receivers on routes that beat man coverage naturally. The motion drag is the first read, it will tell you what defense your opponent is running because if it is man he will follow the drag, if its zone, he will not follow. The drag vs zone is a great first read, the streak by the TE is also a zone killer regardless of the coverage. The corner route by the TE slays man coverage and the post has been winning all year.

You should technically not be stopped if you make the perfect read, but no play is perfect and neither are we. At the worst this play will result in the 3 yard gain if your opponent is dropping everyone back.

The Bad:

While this pass play should open up the run, the single back ace lacks a true heavy run threat and can be boxed in by 8 or 9 in the box, even if all of them aren’t blitzing. Also, the Skins Drive, the corner and post route kind of run into each other sometimes so be wary of the throw.

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